*LINK TO APPLY THE CONFIG DIRECTLY THROUGH STEAM ADDED AT THE BOTTOM – READ THE POST FOR FEATURES OR MAKING CHANGES* Hey guys, I wanted to find a way to use a controller to navigate the menus with no hassle and here’s what I came up with using Steam’s controller configuration. The result feels great […]

Who would’ve known that a little googling can help you … So as we all know MX Bikes has no native control setting to re-map the ESC key. If you still want to pause the game mid-air to scratch your nose (seriously you can do that while whipping) here’s the solution: Get AntiMicro from Releases […]

1 Hello everyone! This is a quick guide on how to lock mods in order to keep people away from stealing your stuff and modifying it without your permission. This is not to lock out people or anything – this is an important possibility to secure your hard-worked stuff from people simply stealing it and […]

4 Hello, so you made a mod, and your going to publish it? If you answer yes, this guide is made for you. ALL TRACKS, SKINS, OR PLUGINS ARE FROM MXB-MODS.COM. IF YOU NEED FURTHER HELP, CONTACT US IN MX BIKES COMMUNITY DISCORD SERVER, LINK CAN BE FOUND IN MXB-MODS.COM Many of new modders make […]

Posted here because it’s hard to find in the forum. In you .shd file you can paste the following. emission { red = 1 green = 1 blue = 1 }   This can be useful if you want to remove shading from your skydome or do objects in general that has an emission effect.

Original from the forum. Just reposted here because hard to find. First of all, the object must be exported as EDF in the track folder. Then, the SCR file of the track must be edited or created ( using the folder name as filename ). Example SCR file that adds a rotating object ( obj2 […]