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*LINK TO APPLY THE CONFIG DIRECTLY THROUGH STEAM ADDED AT THE BOTTOM – READ THE POST FOR FEATURES OR MAKING CHANGES* Hey guys, I wanted to find a way to use a controller to navigate the menus with no hassle and here’s what I came up with using Steam’s controller configuration. The result feels great […]

Who would’ve known that a little googling can help you … So as we all know MX Bikes has no native control setting to re-map the ESC key. If you still want to pause the game mid-air to scratch your nose (seriously you can do that while whipping) here’s the solution: Get AntiMicro from Releases […]

With the recent release of beta 15, PiBoSo drastically changed the behaviour of the 3rd person camera. If you want to revert to the old look, consider doing this: Go to your Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/profiles/YourProfile/ folder and open the profile.ini with notepad Then add following two lines to the bottom: [ext_view] dynamic=0  

1 Here’s a quick rundown – Download the full game from this site You can’t run a dedi server and play with just the Steam version. Once installed (no key needed, running dedi’s is free), you’ll need to edit the new shortcut created by the installation of the game as per this info – Now decide […]

Original: Insert into Documents\PiBoSo\MX bikes\global.ini, under [core] section ( must be created if it doesn’t exist ): texture_quality = 4 to set the quality of loaded textures. The possible values are: 0 -> uncompressed, OpenGL default 1 -> uncompressed, 32 bits 2 -> uncompressed, 16 bits 3 -> compressed, OpenGL driver 4 -> compressed […]

1 This is how to install ReShade: 1. Get ReShade from (at the bottom) 2. Run the .exe 3. Click on the first button to get a list of executables 4. Click on “Browse…” 5. Go to your “SteamSteamAppscommonMX Bikes” folder and select mxbikes.exe 6. If not set as default, click on OpenGL 7. […]

7 Hello, I’m a PKZ file. I don’t like to be touched – Don’t touch me stranger! Simply place me in the correct MOD folder and I’ll work with no problems! If you still want to mess with me (again there is no need to in most cases), I’m simply a ZIP file that has […]

Having a black square on screen can be very annoying. Most of us have experienced this before. The way to fix this is to: Close your game. Restart your game.   Well done! You’ve now fixed your problem.