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2 Hello everyone! This is a quick guide on how to lock mods in order to keep people away from stealing your stuff and modifying it without your permission. This is not to lock out people or anything – this is an important possibility to secure your hard-worked stuff from people simply stealing it and […]

4 Hello, so you made a mod, and your going to publish it? If you answer yes, this guide is made for you. ALL TRACKS, SKINS, OR PLUGINS ARE FROM MXB-MODS.COM. IF YOU NEED FURTHER HELP, CONTACT US IN MX BIKES COMMUNITY DISCORD SERVER, LINK CAN BE FOUND IN MXB-MODS.COM Many of new modders make […]

2 Since people are not familiar with the TARGA image format and the PiBoSo PNT (paint) container file, here’s a quickie: Photoshop Gimp Get most Bike templates┬áhere. Pack to PNT Photoshop 1. Open your paint in photoshop 2. Make sure your mode is set to RGB / 8-bit to enable the TGA format 3. Go […]