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Marshal models can be found at your install directory. You will need this when setting the model path during this process. “MX Bikes\misc\marshals” once you have set your marshals ,save as marshals.cfg and place into your final track folder.

Quick tutorial on how to import protection models. Once you understand the logic of MXB, you will be able to mod everything. Trust me, it’s the same procedure all the time. You need: PiBoso Mod Tools (Track Tools, Optional Example file (in case you need it. Trust me, you won’t.) Table of contents: Preparing […]

Quick guide on how to create localizations. Note: the standard font doesn’t support the use of special characters like Ä Ö Ü ect., the menu font needs to be re-generated with those characters. Keeping you updated if or once I did it. 1. go to your MX Bikes Installation directory 2. Rename the ui.pkz to […]

… did you know what this button does, which you can see when going into a practice session? It’s the button for the Viewer Mode. This button also occurs on the main menu which enables you a freeroam view mode with little to none (with mods) UI for sick screenshots! Now that you know there’s […]

2 Since people are not familiar with the TARGA image format and the PiBoSo PNT (paint) container file, here’s a quickie: Photoshop Gimp Get most Bike templates here. Pack to PNT Photoshop 1. Open your paint in photoshop 2. Make sure your mode is set to RGB / 8-bit to enable the TGA format 3. Go […]

5 Hello, I’m a PKZ file. I don’t like to be touched – Don’t touch me stranger! Simply place me in the correct MOD folder and I’ll work with no problems! If you still want to mess with me (again there is no need to in most cases), I’m simply a ZIP file that has […]

The stock Bike Template provided by PiBoSo is located in the forum in this thread. You can directly download the ZIP with the Blend here: Download ZIP Make sure to read the Creation Guide in the thread above before. For a detailed tutorial, check my post here: iNsane’s Bike Import Tutorial  

Since some people don’t know where to find the template for the Rider or the Wheels/Chain and also the stock Stand for the Bikes: Download the .ZIP Contains: bike_parts.psd bike_parts_250x.psd boots.psd chain.psd gloves.psd goggles.psd helmet.psd livery.psd onboard.psd rider.psd stand.psd visor.psd wheels.psd or visit PiBoSo’s download page here.