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This is a quick tutorial on how to import boots Make new Blend file Click on “Add” -> “Empty” -> “Plain Axes”Optional: Remove ugly axes Rename “empty” to “boot_l” Transform Location: X = 0.1389m Y = -0.0173m Z = 0.493m Rotation: X = 55.9° Y = 103° Z = -108° Why? Because I say so. […]

1 Often requested, now I finally got time for it. The tutorial on how to import fonts. Table of contents: Blabla about sprites Preparing files and folders The files in depth Start creating the font New project Add number Prepare workspace Create Alphachannel Bring it into the game Modify the files Finish Tutorial PSD Sideinfo: […]

Quick tutorial on how to import protection models. Once you understand the logic of MXB, you will be able to mod everything. Trust me, it’s the same procedure all the time. You need: PiBoso Mod Tools (Track Tools, Optional Example file (in case you need it. Trust me, you won’t.) Table of contents: Preparing […]