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Posted here because it’s hard to find in the forum. In you .shd file you can paste the following. emission { red = 1 green = 1 blue = 1 }   This can be useful if you want to remove shading from your skydome or do objects in general that has an emission effect.

A dedicated server doesn’t need the full version of a track to make it available. As a best practice in order to keep everyone’s servers clean, please create a server version of your track removing the following files: All .edf files The .map file All .tga files All .wav files All .pnt files All .amb […]

Marshal models can be found at your install directory. You will need this when setting the model path during this process. “MX Bikes\misc\marshals” once you have set your marshals ,save as marshals.cfg and place into your final track folder.

This tutorial assumes that you have correctly imported your height map to Blender as a mesh from L3DT (or other software) or as a plane with displacement modifier.  Your terrain objects should be scaled and positioned correctly in Blender before continuing. (TODO: Link to tutorials on how to do this) Exporting Objects from Blender as […]