How to import boots

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This is a quick tutorial on how to import boots

  1. Make new Blend file
  2. Click on “Add” -> “Empty” -> “Plain Axes”Optional: Remove ugly axes
  3. Rename “empty” to “boot_l”
  4. Transform

    X = 0.1389m
    Y = -0.0173m
    Z = 0.493m


    X = 55.9°
    Y = 103°
    Z = -108°

    Why? Because I say so.

  5. Duplicate “boot_l” and rename to “boot_r”
  6. Transform

    X = -0.1389m
    Y = -0.0174m
    Z = 0.493m


    X = -55.9°
    Y = 77.1°
    Z = 108°
  7. Should look like that then:
  8. Add your model

    The boots have to be separated. So left boot goes to boot_l, right boot goes to boot_r. As simple as that.
    It’s a lot of trial and error until it fits right, and you will always get some clipping because of the riders’ legs. But you’ll manage it, somehow. I trust you!
  9. Export
  10. Create a text file, call it “export.ini” – recommended in your project folder, with that content:
    split = 1
    rotation = 90 0 0
    boot_l = YOUR_PROJECT_PATH\boots.edf ; e.g. E:\GAMES\MX Bikes modding\Boots\boots.edf
    boot_r = YOUR_PROJECT_PATH\boots.edf
    boot_r_append = righta
  11. Run fbx2edf (get it here – make a tools folder somwhere, unzip all tools into that folder and then run fbx2edf)
  12. Load your just exported .FBX model, in second text box you type in the path to your export.ini
  13. Hit “Convert”, you should get a boots.edf

    Congrats, you converted your awesome boot model.
  14. Make a new folder in your mods/rider/boots/ folder, we call it “tutorial”
  15. Download this archive and paste it into created folder (it’s just the data of the default boot so I don’t have to go too much into detail)
  16. Rename “default.ini” to “tutorial.ini” (or whatever your mod is called) and inside that file change “name = Default” to “name = Tutorial” (or whatever your mod is called)
  17. You should have this:
  18. Move your exported “boots.edf” from step 13 into that folder, overwrite
  19. Start MX Bikes
  20. ????
  21. Profit

To make a shadow model, you have to do this:

  1. Make sure your boots have an actual texture
  2. Remove that texture

  3. Export as “boots_s.fbx”
  4. Copy your “export.ini” to “shadow.ini”
  5. Change the paths from “…boots.edf” to “…boots_s.edf”
    split = 1
    rotation = 90 0 0
    boot_l = YOUR_PROJECT_PATH\boots_s.edf ; e.g. E:\GAMES\MX Bikes modding\Boots\boots_s.edf
    boot_r = YOUR_PROJECT_PATH\boots_s.edf boot_r_append = righta
  6. Open up fbx2edf again, load the “boots_s.fbx” model instead and change the script from “…export.ini” to “…shadow.ini”
  7. Select “Shadow” in the Type group
  8. Hit Convert
  9. Should give you a new file called “boots_s.edf”
  10. Paste that into your “mods/boots/YOUR_MOD_NAME/” folder, overwrite
  11. Re-Select your boot in game
  12. ?????
  13. Profit

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