How to lock mods

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Hello everyone!

This is a quick guide on how to lock mods in order to keep people away from stealing your stuff and modifying it without your permission.

This is not to lock out people or anything – this is an important possibility to secure your hard-worked stuff from people simply stealing it and including it in their content, not creditting you or worse – claiming they made it on their own.

So first you go to and click on “New User”

From here you can save this URL in your favorites. This is now your own dashboard! Congratulations.

On the top you see your ID (keep that private! Don’t share it.), a “Refresh”, “Logout” and a Donate link (donations are really appreciated but not needed!).
I think the buttons are somewhat self explanatory, so we’re going to move on.

You see the “Choose files” button. This button allows you to upload all common PiBoSo files you might want to encrypt. Those are:

.amb, .anm, .cfg, .dds, .edf, .engn, .geom, .hrc, .ini, .pkz, .pnt, .scl, .tcl, .tga, .trh, .trp,. tyre, .wav

By clicking on that button, you’re able to select above files. It even allows you to select multiple files at once!

I’ll now select one file, it’ll look like this:

The “mod.pkz” is the file you selected to upload. “Start upload” starts the upload process, the trashbin next to it will cancel the process.

This is also what it looks like when selecting multiple files at once:

Now by a click on “Start upload” the upload process will initiate and you see a little progress bar:

The server is hosted in EU/Germany, so depending on your location it’ll take some time. Sit back and relax, the progress bar should help you out.

So once our upload is finished, we’ll see a list of “Uploaded files”. This is your temp storage where you have an overview of your uploaded files in your profile. Please keep in mind that all your files will be kept on the server for 7 days only!

Now that our files are uploaded we see them in this list:

The buttons are “Download” – “Trash” and “Lock”.
The buttons below are “Trash All” and “Lock all”, these appear once you have more than one file in your uploaded folder.

Download is self-explanatory, it lets you download that file. Trash removes the file, or all files, from your user profile. Lock initiates the lock process for that file, or also for all.

So by clicking on we’ll start the lock process for MX1OEM_2014_Husaberg_FE250.pkz:

You’ll get two messages. The first is “File queued” which means the file is about to get locked:

And the second once the file was locked successfully:

Now after the lock process finished, you’ll se another table at the bottom which lists all your locked files:

Here you can either download or remove the file.

By downloading the file you’ll get the encrypted version of your uploaded mod which is not accessible by anyone. Your work has been saved from greedy stinky fingers!

If you have any issues regarding this service, please hit up my Discord server at

Happy encrypting! 🙂


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