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Quick guide on how to create localizations.

Note: the standard font doesn’t support the use of special characters like Ä Ö Ü ect., the menu font needs to be re-generated with those characters. Keeping you updated if or once I did it.

1. go to your MX Bikes Installation directory

2. Rename the ui.pkz to ui.zip (you might need to enable “show known extensions”)

Click View and click Options

3. open it, open the UI folder, and move the english.str temporarily to your desktop

4. create a new folder in the MX Bikes installation dir and call it “ui”

5. rename the ui.zip back to ui.pkz

6. move the english.str to the UI folder you just made and rename it to your desired language (I’ve chosen german.str)

7. open it with your desired editor tool (notepad++, or simple windows editor)

8. translate each second line, the others have to be leaved untouched as it’s the ID the UI calls for

9. save it, open MX Bikes, head over to Profiles menu and et voilá

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