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From the Main Menu, click on RACE.

You will be taken to the Browse Local page. This will show you sessions open on the local network.

To race online, click on WORLD

Name : The server name.
Connected Players / Total players capacity.
Category : Restricts vehicle choice to the category shown.
Length : Percentage length of the race. If a track has 25 laps by default, 20% means that race will be 5 laps.
Weather : It cans be S (Sunny), C (Cloudy), R (Rainy).
Status : Waiting means that the session is not started and will start once you're connected. Practice, Qualify and Race are the other options. Note that if the race is started, you will not be able to join the server.
Ping : ping between your computer and the server. Lower is better.


In the Event Info tab, you can vote to start a new session by clicking on the icon next to it.

If you join are server admin, clicking on them will skip directly to ( or restart the ) matching session.

You can also start a poll from the chat. Type:

!poll start practice


!poll start qualify
!poll start warmup
!poll start race

The poll starter' vote is set to yes, all the others are no. To change the vote, type !yes or !no in the chat. If you are on track, you can press F2 to vote yes, and F4 to vote no. A poll must get at least 2/3 of "yes" votes to pass.

To ban a driver, type "!poll eject" followed by driver's name of #race number. For example: !poll eject adam or !poll eject #7

To disqualify a driver during a race, type "!poll black" followed by driver's name of #race number.

Note: a new poll cannot be created within a minute from the last one.


While ontrack, press T to open the chat input. Press Enter to send a message. Press F5 to open/close chat history.

In the chat, it is possible to send a private message typing '/' followed by the client's name ( or #race number), followed by the message.
For example, to send a private "Hello" to Adam with race number 7 you can type:

/Adam Hello
/#7 Hello

A server admin can also use the chat to execute commands.
To ban a client, type !eject followed by client's name ( or #race number).
To disqualify a driver during a race, type !black followed by driver's name ( or #race number).

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07/01/2020 1:40 pm

What does the “Rating Class” do? What do the numbers mean? Is it hours, laps, races?
D (800- 1199)
C (1200-1599)
B (1600-1999)
A (2000+)
I am guessing it is like real Racing your experience class like beginner amateur expert pro but what is it based on? There are way too many settings in this game that have no description and how they work.