Save Livery as TGA and pack it into PNT

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Since people are not familiar with the TARGA image format and the PiBoSo PNT (paint) container file, here’s a quickie:



Get most Bike templates here.

Pack to PNT


1. Open your paint in photoshop

2. Make sure your mode is set to RGB / 8-bit to enable the TGA format

3. Go to “File” – “Save as

4. Type in the needed name for the file (e.g. crf.tga for the CRF livery)

5. Select “Targa

5. Choose 16 or 24 bit for the color/diffuse texture (32 bit is only needed for normal or specular textures (it enables the alpha channel))

6. done


1. open up GIMP and load up your PSD or livery file, make sure it’s also set to RGB mode and 8 bit accuracy

2. Go to “File” – “Export to...

3. Click on the “file extension” thing

4. Type in the needed name at top (e.g. crf.tga for the CRF livery)

5. Select “TarGA-Image

6. Hit “Export

7. Keep everything as-is, hit “Export” again

Pack to PNT

Download paintEd here.

1. Open up paintEd

2. Hit “Dir Read” and select the folder where your .TGA files are located at

3. The tool will automatically read every .TGA image that’s in the folder and list it in the tool, you can then click on an entry and see it in the preview window

4. Type in the display name the livery should be called in the selection menu

5. Hit “Pack” and save it as what ever you want

6. Done


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