Standalone Installation

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After downloading, run the installer. Installer is the same for both demo and full versions.

OpenAL 1.1 Redist installer : This is required for audio. Only needs to be installed once!
Register URL protocol : This will allow (if ticked) to launch GPB connecting to an online server by clicking on an hyperlink in a web-browser
(e.g. from here:, the "Join" links on the right).

On first launch you'll be prompted to enter a Nickname and a License Key. If you haven't purchased a licence, the software will work in 'demo mode' (restricted to one vehicle, one track, no online, no mods).

If you have purchased the a license, you should have received your license key on your email account (the one linked to PayPal). The license key looks like this:


Online Statistics

You can register your nickname and license key to have your best online lap times published on the Records page:

To activate this you need to register. Go to one of the above links and click the REGISTER tab.

For your initial registration you will have to enter your Nickname, Paypal email and License Key.

If you want to change your Nickname later on then enter all the information, including the Old Nickname.

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