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This is a quick tutorial on how to import boots Make new Blend file Click on “Add” -> “Empty” -> “Plain Axes”Optional: Remove ugly axes Rename “empty” to “boot_l” Transform Location: X = 0.1389m Y = -0.0173m Z = 0.493m Rotation: X = 55.9° Y = 103° Z = -108° Why? Because I say so. […]

Since some people don’t know where to find the template for the Rider or the Wheels/Chain and also the stock Stand for the Bikes: Download the .ZIP Contains: bike_parts.psd bike_parts_250x.psd boots.psd chain.psd gloves.psd goggles.psd helmet.psd livery.psd onboard.psd rider.psd stand.psd visor.psd wheels.psd or visit PiBoSo’s download page here.