Bike Position in on-track Viewer Mode

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… did you know what this button does, which you can see when going into a practice session?

It’s the button for the Viewer Mode. This button also occurs on the main menu which enables you a freeroam view mode with little to none (with mods) UI for sick screenshots!

Now that you know there’s a “Photo” mode, you didn’t knew that:

You can move the bike’s on-track position!

This is how it works:

Open the .INI file of a track (in case it’s an unencrypted track) and add following at the bottom:

lat = 25; left/right offset of the centerline, 0 is in the middle of the track, 10 is 10m left/right offset (- is left side in track direction)
long = 100; the distance offset on which location the bike should be (like 100m after the centerline start (e.g. start/finish line))
angle = 120; rotation of the bike
steer = -1; steer direction, 1 is steering left, 0 is steering straight, -1 is steering right

If it’s an encrypted track like 2020 paleta, you need to create the folder same name as the PKZ, and add an INI same name as the folder, and in that folder you have to input the whole code:

name=XYZ; long name (in track selection)
short_name=X; short name (in server browser)
length=; not necessary, can be empty
altitude=; also not necessary

pic=track_image.tga; keep that
pic_info=track_map.tga; keep that
author=Santa Clause; whatever
location=; not necessary

code = 2; no idea but it's always there

lat = ;see above
long = ;see above
angle = ;see above
steer = ;see above

easiest way to create an INI is to press windows button, write “editor” or “notepad“, go to “file” and “save as“, hit “all types” and save the file as XYZ.ini

or download sample.ini here

(values can be changed to own preference, this is just an example)

The position values are guess work, especially on locked tracks as you can’t access the race data with trackEd anymore, this is how it kind of works:

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