Install ReShade

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This is how to install ReShade:

1. Get ReShade from (at the bottom)

2. Run the .exe

3. Click on the first button to get a list of executables

4. Click on “Browse...

5. Go to your “SteamSteamAppscommonMX Bikes” folder and select mxbikes.exe

6. If not set as default, click on OpenGL

7. Click on Install (or Update in my case)

8. Select packages of your desire

9. ReShade is installing all neccessary stuff.

10. Done


You can now fire up MX Bikes and press the “Pos. 1″/”HOME” key on your keyboard to open up the menu.

If your mxbikes.exe is corrupt after using ReShade, remove the mxbikes.exe from your steam folder and “Verify Game Files” via Steam to retrieve a new copy of the exe.


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